30 Days of Summer: Garden Weddings

9:52 PM

I love attending weddings.

I love it because there's much good will in the air and everything seems to be sooo pretty. Not to mention that the bride seemingly glows, perhaps with relief that so-called concerned relatives wouldn't bug her anymore. Then, there's the groom who has this smug look on his face that says he is the luckiest ba$t@rd alive.  And of course my favorite, the food is - more often than not,  yum. 

And during these summer months,  a good number of couples seem to want to tie the knot. Some of them even do it, outdoors. Why they would want to do that in this sizzling and humid weather is beyond me. I guess, holding a garden wedding during the summer reduces the chance of rain to a minimum. But my word, the unbearable heat can turn a lovely occasion to a sweat and melt session.  

A friend of mine got married in a garden ceremony at Fernbrook Gardens last January. The heat was barely tolerable. I can't imagine how bad it is for guests when they attend one in the summer. The horror! 

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