30 Days of Summer: Halu-Halo

9:57 AM

I have always loved halu-halo. This cool sweet treat has always been a favorite of mine.  In fact, mixing one - without spilling any of the crushed ice and flan on the table, is one of the tricky bits my father taught me. He said, I should start mixing from the bottom and then work my way up.

According to the classic Filipino cookbook "Lutuing Pilipino ni Aling Charing", this quintessential Filipino treat is made up of sweetened banana, jackfruit, and kaong. Pinipig and gulaman are added and then topped with shaved ice and a scoop of ice cream. But in the absence of ice crean, milk and sugar are substituted instead.

 Here's a rather sad couple of halu-halo from Chowking. 

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