30 Days of Summer: Kagitingan (Valour)

5:07 PM

Today, we celebrate "Araw ng Kagitingan" or  Day of Valour.

And in my opinion, there is no better way to celebrate this day than a trip to the island of Corregidor.
It is located several kilometers away from the capital, at the entrance of Manila Bay. Due to this strategic location, the island was fitted as a military defense battery and has played a great role in a number of wars particularly World War II.

After many years of intending to go, I was finally able to do several weeks ago. There were many times during the tour when I caught myself crying and how could I not? I don't think my imagination could ever give justice to what occurred on this island.

If there is an island out of our 7,107 that a Filipino should visit in his lifetime - in order to understand who he is, I think the island of Corregidor is it.

The Pacific War Memorial in Corregidor was erected in memory of the Filipinos and  American soldiers who gave their lives to restore Peace and Freedom in the Pacific Ocean area. 

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