30 Days of Summer: Lounge chairs

5:25 PM

Lounge chairs by the beach –the stereotypical image of summer. The only thing missing now is the long-legged beauty stretched out on it, wearing only three strategically placed pieces of cloth. Her golden brown skin glistens with sweat and sunblock and her gorgeous eyes hidden behind oversized sunnies. She flips through a magazine as a nice cool tropical drink sweats on the table next to her.

But what I don’t know is that her legs are a bit itchy due to the dry salty sea water or that she’s slightly annoyed with the sand – it gets everywhere. And that to a certain extent attracting attention is flattering, being ogled is just a wee bit creepy.  Oh, no wonder the long-legged beauty isn’t there!

Pico de Loro provides its clients a stretch of lounge chairs at the beach.  

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  1. I miss the beach. :(

  2. reee, go na to the one nearest you! :)

  3. I'm on mega tipid mode with Bali on my mind and all haha.


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