30 Days of Summer: Notes

4:37 AM

There’s something about the heat that either clears the head or addles the brain. I experience both and my way of coping is by jotting all the dialogue in my head. Sometimes, it gets so noisy up there that the back of a receipt is what stands between me and a moment of silence.

But I do carry a notebook most of the time, especially when I am on the road. Unlike most people who get all their ideas straightened out when they sit still in a café, I see things clearer when I am in transit. This makes for interesting scribbles on the page but a bit hard to understand.

I’d often write about ideas for a story or a mental note about the hostel service or the way the person sitting next to me keeps moving about in his seat.When I arrive home and flip through the pages, I’d often laugh about what I wrote and cry out loud – what was I thinking?!

We've gone on several miles, this one. Bought it at Invitation House since I thought it was just so fitting. 

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