30 Days of Summer: Provincial Buses

1:23 PM

If you’re exploring a particular province this summer, chances are you will be getting on one of these.

Provincial Buses bring out the road warrior in me. Their lack of creature comforts reminds me that while one is on the road, only the necessities matter.  I used to be wary of its lack of AC and half-assed upholstery but I was reminded that unlike their city-based cousins, these buses are always pretty much on cruising speed or going over the speed limit. They hardly stop, unless to pick up a roadside passenger or two.

Now, the only thing that concerns me is their mileage. 

A telly is apparently a necessity on board. 
A greasy Maruja is one of the more affordable roadside eats. 
A young boy stood up on his seat perhaps too tired of sitting down. 

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