30 Days of Summer: Sandcastle

6:39 PM

We don’t have castles, here, in the Philippines.  Instead, the grand structures that survived timeand to which we turn to for inspiration are the churches built by catholic Spain. But I must confess, I’ve never tried to recreate one while on the beach. My six year-old mind couldn’t figure out the engineering needed to erect one.

But thanks to education or globalization, images of castles reached our shores. Kids of all ages try to build their own version of a castle. And I guess, a more famous one is the one in Boracay.  People, I imagine they are locals, would build their interpretation of a sandcastle on the beach. After which, they’d leave a box where tourists can give them money in appreciation of their hard work. And posing in front of their creation has become an item to be ticked off the list when on the party island.

This was the castle back in December 2007 and as you can see, it doesn’t resemble anything like a castle as we know it. In fact, it looks like a castle out of a fantasy novel or something. But I guess that’s the wonderful thing about building your castle on sand – it can look any way you wish.

Issa and I pose in front of the sandcastle on Boracay's white beach. 

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