30 Days of Summer: Soft drink in an ice bag

11:52 AM

Soft drink in an ice bag is ubiquitous in this part of the world.

A cold fizzy drink is one of the best antidotes to the sizzling summer heat and in this developing country of ours, sipping it from an ice bag is the most convenient way to carry it around. And evidently, it’s the cheapest way, too.

Since soft drinks are still usually sold in glass bottles at sari-sari stores, one needs to pay a “deposit” if he’d like to take his drink somewhere else. So instead of paying up and be inconvenienced bringing the bottle back to the store, one might as well empty the bottle into an iced bag and go on his merry way.

But unfortunately, this is costing the country and the planet a whole lot. These bags end up almost everywhere due to the lack of proper disposal and then they turn up also pretty much everywhere when the floods come in.  

Here's my seatmate and his sister enjoying their soft drink while on the jeepney. 

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