30 Days of Summer: Summer Reads

7:39 AM

When I’m off to the seaside, I would usually pack my bags with books, magazines, and a journal to write on. Like some heroine in a movie, I imagine myself reading by the shore or writing the days away while I stare at the ocean through my window.  But chances are, I’ll leave the beach without lifting my pen or turning a single page of a book.

I guess that’s the lure of the sea. Its unending waves somehow lull me to stillness and my eyes are only too happy to rest on them. The sound drowns away any voice, even the one in my head, as it calms me down. Then there’s the sand, that warm sand, lends a certain degree of comfort that I don’t want to get out of. 

Part of my summer read list is the classic Filipino cookbook "Lutuing Pilipino ni Aling Charing". 

Yesterday, we arrived at Punta Fuego and I brought these three books with me. But as predicted, they only saw the light of day when I took this picture.  There's still much left of the summer though and I hope to get to finish reading them.

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