30 Days of Summer: Sunnies

8:00 AM

I am drawn to a good pair of sunnies.

I like all sorts of sunnies - wayfarers, aviators, Jackie Os; the older they are, the more irresistible they tend to be. And one of the perks of living in a country that is perpetually in summer, wearing a pair is almost a must.

I spotted this old pair of sunnies while walking the streets of Yangon. It was among a spread of old eye wear displayed on this man's makeshift table. The lenses were shot as they had so many scratches but the frame was surprisingly still intact. I couldn't resist so I bought them, and another old pair, and was so glad to find out they were being sold for a song.

Before he handed them to me, this old man put these sunnies on and so I obliged him with a shot. 

To this day, the two pairs remain untouched. I guess, it's about time I take the two to the shop so I can start wearing them. 

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