FOOD REVIEW: Famous Belgian Waffles

9:00 AM

Because it took my father, my younger brother, and I all of five minutes to cast our votes last election day, we decided to head to Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall - the mall next door and have an early supper.   We had our "main" at a crispy chicken joint but thought of ending supper with waffle sandwiches at Famous Belgian Waffles.

FOOD: Famous Belgian Waffles
These waffles are as good as they smell and I tell you, they really smell good! I had blueberry cream cheese waffle sandwich and there was a good portion of both ingredients. I tasted both blueberry and cream cheese in every bite!

SERVICE: The staff was very efficient. There was a queue when we ordered and had to wait for a couple of minutes for our waffle sandwiches. But thankfully, the ladies behind the counter were that we inched to the front rather quickly.
                   I'd also like to assume that these ladies are pretty conscious of health and safety standards since I spotted one of them apply alcohol onto her hands before heading back to the counter.

ATMOSPHERE: The dining area was simple and quite welcoming. The wooden interiors and furniture pieces made it warm and inviting that even if we initially had our waffles to go, we decided to enjoy them while sitting down.

PRICE: Affordable and Reasonable.

Famous Belgian Waffles's look may be clean and simple but the smell would certainly pull you in.

They say they're the original waffle sandwich. What I do know is that they make good ones!

That' their entire menu - short and simple. Just the way I like them.

You can look but you can't touch! Customers can look over the counter and witness how their waffle sandwiches are being made.
The palette takes its cue from the waffle - brown!
My dad and younger bro enjoying their waffle sandwiches. Dad was happy with his banana and peanut butter waffle sandwhich while younger bro was very satisfied with his creamcheese and bluebbery one.
Look at that! They certainly didn't scrimp on the blueberry filling. 

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