Walking the streets of Intramuros with Carlos Celdran

6:26 PM

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth nor have I been washed away by flood water.
In fact, I've been on the move these past couple of months and couldn't be happier. Hopefully, you'll come back to read what I've been up to.

Anyway, during days like these when almost the entire metro resembles a tub of milk chocolate-y goodness, I'd rather think about past sunny warm days. Today, one particular day comes to mind - that interesting afternoon when I walked the streets of Intramuros with Mr. Carlos Celdran.

It was a Thursday afternoon and guests were asked to meet at Plaza Moriones. Mr. Celdran was thirty minutes late citing horrible traffic but it seemed that hardly anyone minded. The ever patient crowd consisted mainly of locals - much to his surprise, with several balikbayans and foreign tourists mixed in.

While he was gearing up, two white girls - dressed in an ensemble which Bohemian Sienna Miller would've been proud of, came up to Mr. Celdran and asked after common friends. The exchange was brief but hardly short of enthusiasm and somehow reminded me that this man - who could've lived anywhere in the world, chose to stay do this gig.

The tour was basically a history lesson given by a mestizo bunny animated by his effervescent love for the city of Manila. We should've been drowned in facts but his enthusiasm, visual aids, and a bit editorializing made for quite a riveting show. Noteworthy was his take on the American colonial  and World War II periods. On his blog, he did promise to try to change the way you look at Manila. And if you've been a pro-American, he just might succeed in doing so.

These rainy days, when Manilenyos are drowning in flood water because officials would rather spend tax money on anything but public works, Mr. Celdran is a ray of sunshine. This man has so much love and hope for the city and the country, that I wish the people in power would have even an ounce of it.

With my comfiest sandals on, I'm ready for this walking tour!

Mr. Celdran greets his guests and begins his tour at Plaza Moriones.
More talk on Spanish colonial history just outside the gates of Fort Santiago. 
Mr. Celdran talks about Dr. Jose Rizal as we enter the gates of Fort Santiago. 

We take a break before heading to American colonial period. 

I was such in fan girl mode that all I could do was smile. Coni = idiot. 

As you can see, we were all riveted.
He was wrapping things up as we enjoy a glass of halo-halo. 
Mr. Celdran's curio shop, The Crazy Nun.

*Mr. Celdran's walking tour of Manila schedule is posted on his blog. The Intramuros tour costs P1,100 for adults and P600 for students. It may be a bit steep for most locals so if you want to catch a great deal, watch out for one of his barter tours. A guest would only need to pay P400 and bring something - anything, to barter him with. He usually announces barter tours on his facebook page a day or two days in advance.

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  1. i loved Carlos Celdran's tours! I've done both Intramuros and Imelda and I enjoyed both immensely. :) He makes learning history so fun!

    1. Yes! And he's highly entertaining! :) I would love to do another of his tours, perhaps his Imeldiffic tour? :) Thanks for the comment, Liz. :)


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