FOOD REVIEW: Stacy's in Capitol Hills

9:00 AM

I love breakfast.  It’s my favourite meal of the day. In fact, I look forward to a proper hotel breakfast buffet compared to their lunch or evening spreads.

So when it was time for a proper catch-up with my darling big sis Arlene, I was only too happy to go on a breakfast date at Stacy’s in Capitol Hills. Arlene was the one who introduced me to Stacy's when she posted several pictures of it on facebook. Since then, I've always wanted to go but never had the time until a couple of weeks ago.

RESTAURANT: Stacy’s, Capitol Hills branch

FOOD: With a name like Stacy’s, I expected that the food would’ve been akin to the ones served at a mom and pop’s restaurant. And I wasn’t off the mark. The menu read like a fusion of east and west home cooking / comfort food favourites.

I ordered the Hawaii Five-O. Why I ordered ham with pineapple still escapes me but I sure wasn’t disappointed. I mean, how could anyone be disappointed with ham and pineapple? It’s like a Christmas Morning meal!

SERVICE:  The staff was pleasant and not in the perky kind of way which could be expected from a place that looks like Stacy’s. Rather, they greeted with their quiet smiles which they kept on until we were seated and gave our server our orders.  

Stacy’s also have these nice add-on services, like guests are given a cup of popcorn and pretzels while waiting for their food to be served, and they hand over the bill in a cute dish together with a couple of candies.

ATMOSPHERE: Stacy’s look is very much suburbia America with the white-washed furniture pieces, white picket fence, and SMEG refrigerator.  The mood was cheerful and very American.

PRICE: It was reasonable for the pleasant experience. 

If you’re one who has a fantasy of living the suburbia American dream, head to Stacy’s and live it for the price of just a breakfast meal.

Kids get their own table at the indoor garden. 
The dining area is so bright and airy. Perfect for happy breakfasts!
Set against white walls and white-washed furniture, dabs of color pop. 
The details like the drop lights, old-school phone, and the baby pink SMEG fridge complete the cute vintage cottage look.
Even the service station is pretty. 
I had the Hawaii Five-O. Look at that mound of rice! 

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