TRAVEL TV: Anthony Bourdain takes on Paris in tonight's encore episode of 'The Layover' on TLC Asia

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With tonight's encore Paris episode of Anthony Bourdain’s ‘The Layover’ on TLC Asia, I am hoping one of my favorite travel hosts would change my view of Paris. He is set to skip the Eiffel tower to spend his time sipping coffee with a local, hunting for a duck press, and exploring the vibrant ethnic neighborhoods for Kurdish food.

Anthony Bourdain chats with  a Parisian.  Image from TLC Asia's facebook page.

Here are some quotes from Tony from his layover in Paris:
• On why people have a bad time in Paris: “The vacation gone wrong in Paris is almost  always because people try to do too many things.”
• On Paris’ changing food scene: “The food scene in Paris today in some ways feels way more like Brooklyn: independent and surprisingly casual.”
• On Parisian hotels: Here’s the thing about hotels in Paris: you can go the Henry Miller route and wallow romantically in squalor, or live it up big time. Luxury in Paris? They still got that.”
• On how well he speaks French: “If nothing else, my coffee ordering skills are…impeccable.”
• On omelettes: “It’s amazing how few people in this world know how to properly make an omelette.”
• On America’s influence on French food: “Perhaps the most striking effect of the current food revolution in Paris is the appearance of not only American chefs, but also that symbol of cutting edge hipster foodie culture – the food truck.”
• On ordering a shellfish tower: “If there are two things you do in Paris…this is one of them.”

You see, I did n’t like the city of lights. In the very short time that I was there, I was snubbed by a hundred Parisians,  almost got robbed in the metro, and went round in circles in Gare du Nord.  On top of that, I found Paris to be too saccharine for my taste - which actually came as a surprise for this hopeless romantic and borderline diabetic.

But with Anthony Bourdain showing me Paris through his eyes, I might just be convinced to make a second visit.  

Anyhoo, he’s also set to make a layover in Atlanta, Dublin, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Sao Paulo, Seattle, Taipei, and Toronto in this final season of the show. With only 48 hours to spare, he would try to connect with the locals, explore the sights, sample the cuisine, and take in the culture.
I’ve never been to any of these cities so this final season is something I’m pretty excited about.

A new episode of Anthony Bourdain: The Layover premiers every Wednesday at 10:00 pm and encores every Monday at 10:00 pm and Thursday at 2:00 pm on TLC Asia.

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