FOOD REVIEW: Ying Ying Tea House

9:00 AM

Last Sunday, my family and I found ourselves in Chinatown and sitting at one of the tables in Ying Ying Tea House. The drive from our end of the metropolis was rather uneventful, thanks to the many who were spending the weekend blissfully elsewhere. I guess, this is what happens when one is stuck in the city during a three-day weekend -she tries to scratch that travel itch by going somewhere in the city that's so far removed from the familiar. 

DISCLAIMER: This post is more of a restaurant review rather than a food one. We were so busy stuffing our faces that we forgot to take pictures of the food! 

FOOD: There's no other way to say it - the food was YUM. This was no Chinoy fast food and perhaps one of the closest to the ones served in the land of Chairman Mao that we can have locally. 

Here are some of the dishes we ate: 

1. Shaolong Pao, P75, 4 pcs. It was more pao than siomai.
2. Bird Nets with Quail Egg, P210
3. Diced Chicken (Sze Chuan Style), P260
4. Cutlet Squid, P260
5. Raddish Beef Brisket hotpot, P280
6. Yang Chow Fried rice, P180. We got a double which is the serving portion in between medium and large. 

SERVICE: The staff isn't exceptionally friendly but they’ll give you want you want, unless it's curry. Why curry? I don’t know. But we ordered curry and it never reached our table. It probably got lost between the upstairs kitchen and our table.

ATMOSPHERE: It's very utilitarian.  Clearly, anyone who comes here does because of the food and not for the ambiance.

PRICE:  Upon seeing the price on the menu - an average of P260 a dish, it seemed to be a bit pricey for a Chinese restaurant. But when we finally saw the humongous serving portion, we saw why. Unless you're used to eating so much food, be prepared to bring home a doggie bag. 

These chairs remind me of the ones in fastfood chains during the 90s. 

Evidently, my dogs aren't welcomed in this restaurant.  
It seems that they can be a go-to resto when everyone else is already closed. 
The upholstered chairs were a boon since it took us a while to finish eating our lunch. 
Love the old staircase. 
 I am guessing they're likely to end up on someone's table. 
Bamboo steamers are stacked right outside the front door. 
Roast ducks and pigs are hung for everyone's delectation. 
I wonder why they chose a duck emblem for a tea house. 

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