Merry Music Lights Show at Tri-Noma

9:00 AM

I know Christmas is here when little colourful lights start to go on and off to a merry tune.
And it seems that it is actually here as I was invited to last Saturday night’s launch of Tri-Noma’s Merry Music Lights Show.

The invite said that event would be at the Garden Restaurant area facing North and Mindanao avenues. But being the ninny that I am, I went to the Rooftop Garden instead. I looked around for a stage and didn’t see any until I looked down couple stories below. Evidently, I was in the wrong area of the mall.

I found my way down and managed to grab a seat before the festivities started. The launch was opened by the UP Concert Chorus who dazzled us with their renditions of “Carol of the Bells”, “I say a Little Prayer”, “Somebody to Love” “Listen”, and “Don’t Stop Believin”. After which, we were then charmed by the talented Nikki Gil with a Disney medley. Everyone enjoyed it so much that even the little girl beside me was singing “Part of Your World” as though she was the red-haired Ariel.

Nikki Gil led the countdown to the official start of the music lights show and it was indeed a spectacle.  Tri-Noma certainly went all out with this year’s show, having strewn all sorts of lights around and installing a good sound system. Since the Garden Restaurant area is circular, the lights can be seen from all points and the music reverberates. It certainly gave the term surround sound a new meaning.

The Merry Musical Lights show began last Saturday night (November 9) and will play every evening at 7 pm, 8 pm, and 9 pm at the TriNoma Garden Restaurants until January 5, 2014. Each show lasts for seven to eight minutes and features popular Filipino and foreign Christmas music. 

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The UP Concert Chorus does some choreography, too.
Nikki Gil, on the Tri-Noma stage, belting it out with a Disney medley.
The UP Concert Chorus and Nikki Gil share the stage for the last song.
Nikki Gil, together with the host, led the countdown. 
Different kids of lights were used for the show. 
They let out confetti at the end. 
'Goin Bulilit' stars were there to join in the festivities.

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