One Night in a Whole New World (Hotel)

11:37 AM

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away.

And either you’ve been a good soldier and have planned way ahead or you’re still racking your brains for what you and your sweetheart might be doing on V-Day.

I haven’t done any planning of the sort because my heart is on the other side of the world. But because I am full of love and happiness, I would love to get yours all warm and mush on the big day. So here’s a suggestion if yet you still don’t have a plan.


Yes, check-in to a hotel and just stay put. Avoid the agonizing hours of inching your way across the metro, playing chase around the parking lot, or queuing for a table at a much-hyped restaurant. Then again, you are going to be with your sweetheart so those things should not matter. But just in case you're the impatient sort, I believe it’s one of the best ways to spend the day – next only to going on an actual holiday.

I am sure you can think of several wonderful things to do in a hotel room with your honey but this suggestion also applies to the single ladies out there. In fact, two girlfriends and I went on staycation at the New World Hotel in Makati. My friend Chinggay and Issa checked-in right after lunch as I had to attend an all-day event. When I finally managed to get to the hotel and settle down, we footed it across to Greenbelt 2 and had supper. We went to namnam for its Filipino comfort food. After a hearty supper, we went back to our hotel room and did the ff:

1. Commented on whatever was on the telly.
2. Gabbed.
3. Soaked in the tub.
4. Tarot Card reading c/o Chinggay.
5. Gabbed.
6. Slept.

The next morning:

1. Joined the other guests for the hotel's breakfast buffet.
2. Swam in the pool.
3. Had mid-morning snacks at the Residence Club's Living Room.
4. Gabbed.

After which, we checked out.

Save the movie-and-dinner date for another Saturday night.
Do something different on this day of hearts.

"A whole New World with you."

New World Hotel's ground floor lobby is sleek, neutral, and contemporary. 
Didn't know there was such a thing!
We had to check-in at this reception area on the 24th floor.

Our home for the night!
Two beds for three girls. Aaack! But they were really comfortable!
"Friends" was on the telly that night. 

That divider slides open to the bedroom. I had my tarot cards read by Chinggay while I was in the tub.

This seems to be a good peg for shelves. 

We were still figuring out what to have for morning Merienda. 

Sofas and tables share space in the Residence Club living room. 
These biscuits and biscotti were good. 
You can either serve yourself or wait for a pretty lady to help you.
"Coffee, tea, or me?" 

They're using Philippine honey!
Here's the Makati Skyline from the balcony. 
Issa decided on a pot of hot chocolate. 
I had iced tea and a bottle of water.
Hair still wet from our morning swim. 
Right across the hotel is Greenbelt 3. 

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