Playtime at the SandBox in Alviera

9:00 AM

Last Saturday, Travel Junkie Manila was invited to the media launch of SandBox, Alviera’s first main attraction.

Just like you, I wondered where is Alviera and what is the Sandbox.  As it turned out, Alviera is Ayala Land’s, in partnership with Leonio Land, latest large-scale, integrated mixed-use development that is situated in Porac, Pampanga.  It is a 1,1285-hectare township designed to seamlessly combine urban living with nature.  

Alviera is set to become the regional growth center of Central Luzon complete with a commercial district, business and industrial park, university zones, retail centers, a country club, recreational areas, and residential neighborhoods.

On the other hand, the SandBox  - Alviera’s first main attraction, is an outdoor playground for people of all ages.  It is a seeming great place for family picnics, team-building sessions, sports and active lifestyle enthusiasts, outdoor hobbyists, and outings with friends.  It has a themed kiddie playground with picnic areas, mini-golf, camping sites, a courtyard and an open field for field and other outdoor activities.There is also the pump track, a 5,000 sq-m bike track for all types of bikes and skill levels. Its name originates from the pumping motion used by the riders’ bodies as they create momentum around the tracks.

Though when we got there, the Sandbox was short of being finished.  The rollercoaster zipline were still missing a few tracks. The mini-ATV track still needed some work, and the grounds still can use a bit of landscaping work. Nonetheless, the foundations were already laid down and they did promise that it would all be completed on April 12, 2014 for their public launch. 

As for now, get a glimpse of the SandBox by looking at some of the photos I took last Saturday. 

The SandBox is Alviera’s first main attraction.
The Aerial Walk Challenge is a high rope adventure course of nets and rope walkways. The Aerial walk is a series of activities that will test each user’s agility, balance, and flexibility. 
The Sandbox’s Giant Swing is the country’s tallest swing.  The swing can accommodate three guests at a time and creates the back and forth movement at ten meters above ground. 
Picnic tables are scattered around the grounds. 
The Adventure Tower is a five-storey structure that features a couple of activities such as rappelling and wall climbing. It also serves as a viewing deck and the jump off platform for free fall and rollercoaster zipline. 
The Avatar One is the Philippines’s first rollercoaster zipline. One doesn’t just zip down the 180-meter (length) course but zigzags along starting from 12 meters high. 
The SandBox also offers ATV rides around the property.   

The SandBox's official launch is this 12 April 2014 , Sunday.
Here's how to get from Manila to Alviera. 

Expect it to be hot and windy at the Sandbox so don't forget to bring the ff: 
1. Umbrellas
2. Caps or hats
3. Sunglasses
4. Sunscreen
5. Change of clothes
6. Towel
7. Hand Sanitizer

*The SandBox is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 9 AM - 5AM.
Booking guidelines and details are available on www. 

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