Back in Boracay: On the other side

4:21 AM

It felt like we were on a completely different island. Nowhere were the algae and the crowds. There were only the sky, the sea, and a lone ship on the horizon for company.

here's a more peaceful, more quiet side of boracay island.
here's fairways and bluewater's private beach.
On this trip, we didn't stay along popular White Beach but instead checked-in at Fairways and Bluewater. Situated on the northeastern part of the island from the pier, it has its own private beaches, an eighteen-hole golf course, and acres of the green. (During our holiday, of course, we left the resort and went to White Beach for some food and the captivating Boracay Sunset.)

But things are about to change - in the near future, evidently. What seems to be one of the last vast green space on the island will soon give way to massive development. They are calling it Boracay Newcoast . The sales person was  quite excited when she handed me the flier of the upcoming township.

But not everyone is happy. There's a community on facebook that is named "NO to Megaworld's Boracay Newcoast."

To me, one of the biggest draws of Fairways and Bluewater is its green. I am quite happy that it somehow serves as a reserve for island's indigenous flora and fauna. But with the forthcoming development on the horizon, I think there is much cause for sadness and should I dare say it - distress?

here's the beach clean-up crew with their own truck. nope, the women in bikinis aren't part of the team. 

pinoy breakfast with a view of the golf course. 

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