In Transit: I am off to London Town!

7:30 AM

I'm off to see Mr. Darcy and I do hope he's home. 

waiting for boarding at gate 32

On a more serious note, I am off to London Town - arriving in Heathrow, for my birthday holiday. I've been working really hard these several months to afford this dream holiday of mine. And on the flight from Manila to Abu Dhabi, I was seated next to a Filipino named Benzo. 

Benzo has been working in Saudi Arabia, as a machine operator, for 35 years. Can you believe that?! 35 years! It seems that all of his life as a husband and as a father, he has spent away from his family. He’ll be retiring in two years and though it might seem great news at first glance, I have my reservations. Will they know how live with each other having lived apart for most of their married life?

Benzo and his wife has three kids. His eldest – a son, just got married. He has a daughter, a civil engineer working in Dubai. His youngest, which he describes as a bit of a handful, is in Manila with his wife.

He told me that he’s not an educated man. I guess, in Filipino, that means he didn’t graduate from high school or university. But there’s a sense of pride in him that despite the lack of a diploma, he was able to hold a job for 35 years that enabled him to send his kids to school.

He was heading back to work, after burying his mother.

Benzo was really nice. It felt like I was flying with a father, one who was taking good care of me. He assisted me with my carry-on, turning on my lamp, handing my rubbish to the flight attendant. Even after deplaning, he guided me through the terminal that he probably knows like the back of his hand.

And now as I sit here, waiting to board, I wonder how long this would be the story of most Filipino families. 

I'm most likely to post updates on Instagram and Twitter. Do visit or follow my accounts if you'd like to join me on my holiday. 
Hasta Luego!

empty seats of gate 32

arrived in abu dhabi to great news: barca's victory

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