FOOD: Aqua Shard London

11:24 AM

As surprises go, this one definitely takes the cake. In this case, the birthday cake.
Because this year, I was treated to a scrumptious birthday lunch at the Aqua Shard in London.

Before I left Manila, I was asked to pack some nice clothes. I guessed we were going somewhere neat on my birthday. I didn’t know where to exactly until we got off the tube and out of London Bridge Station. And then suddenly, there it was - the sleek glistening skin of the Shard. Even as we were walking towards it, I could hardly believe what was happening. I was only able to trust that it was indeed happening when we were finally greeted at the door by a rather statuesque brunette beauty.

Because we were the first guests to arrive for the day’s lunch service, we were escorted to – I guess – the best table on the floor.  We were seated at the corner table which gave us an interrupted view of the Tower of London, the Tower Bridge, and the River Thames as it snakes its way towards Greenwich. Across the river are the Walkie Talkie, the Cheese Grater, and the Gerkin – three of London’s most recognizable buildings.

Instead of picking what dish for which course,  we left it to the professionals and chose the set menu. 
Thank goodness we did because it was an ode to summer. 

View from our corner table at the Aqua Shard in London:
The Tower Bridge is up because there's a sailboat passing through!
The Tower of  London from our Table. 

The buildings across the river. 
First is the bread, of course.
Bottled water by One Water. They donate 100% of the profits
to clean water projects in Africa. 
Starter: Veal Carpaccio 

Main: Jack Be Little pumpkin risotto
Main: Confit Tidenham duck leg
Dessert: Buttermilk Pudding with Rhubarb

Dessert: Caramelized Pear and Almond Tart

Happy and grateful this birthday girl is.

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