UEFA Euro 2016 qualifier: Wales VS Belgium

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Football is said to be the world’s most favorite sport but here in the Philippines that’s not quite true. In this corner of the world, you’ll more likely to find a group of guys shooting hoops than actually kicking a ball.  In fact until this year, the only football matches I’ve ever seen live were the ones back in uni and that’s over a decade ago. (Shucks. I just revealed my age, didn’t I?) Since then, the only football I’ve seen were the late night matches on the telly.

So when my companion scored some hospitality tickets to the UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifier Wales VS Belgium, I was pretty much over the moon. Maybe not as much as my companion – who is Welsh, but I think I was pretty close second.

I am a Barcelona fan just like most people but I was really excited for this match. I know it’s quite different when the match is between two countries and how electrified the air would be. It’s national pride on the line, is there anything else that matters more?

I cheered for the home team and Gareth Bale who did a phenomenal job.
It was 117th Independence Day celebration back home and there I was cheering on another country.
At least, the boys won over Belgium.

Outside The Prince of Wales pub in Cardiff,
Welsh and Belgian fans out for a drink before the match.
Welsh and Belgian fans sharing the bus to the stadium. 

Even in Wales, kickabouts are more fun in the Philippines.

Hospitality tickets meant we had refreshments in this section of the Cardiff City Stadium 

Ceremony before the start of the match.

CYMRU. [Wales in Welsh]
I was told to learn the Welsh National Anthem. 
Didn't happen, though. 

The Belgians had possession for most of the game but the boys in red scored one against them.
Thus blotting their clean scorecard with one loss. 

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