TRAVEL INTEL: I amsterdam City Card, is it worth it?

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I had nine days to spend in the Dutch capital so it seemed like a good idea to actually buy an I amsterdam City Card. It did promise to be quite the bargain but was it really worth it, you might ask.

In my case, it was indeed worth it!

I bought a 48-hour pass for 59 Euros at the Amsterdam Tourist Information Office across Amsterdam Centraal. The pass included the card, a map, a magazine, and a list of all the attractions you can visit for free with the pass. 

an I amsterdam three-wheeled delivery van outside the amsterdam tourist information office.

The Amsterdam Tourist Information Office across Amsterdam Centraal.
Image grabbed from

And within the 48 hours since I activated it, I was able to enter eight pay museums and one free museum, hopped on and off trams and buses, and go on a canal cruise. 

When I tallied it at the end, everything should've cost me 136 Euros. That's a saving of 77 Euros. I guess that's not bad, not bad at all. 

Price in Euros
Van Gogh Museum
Portrait of the Golden Age
Hermitage Amsterdam
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Amsterdam Museum
Oude Kerk
Verzetsmuseum Dutch Resistance Museum
Museum Ons’ Lieve Heer Op Solder
       Our Lord in the Attic
Hollandsce Schouwburg

Canal Cruise
Public Transport for 48 Hours
-Trams, Buses, Metro operated by GVB within Amsterdam
 136 Euros

*When I was there, The Oasis of Matisse show was on so there was an additional fee one needs to pay to get it. But thanks to the I Amsterdam City Card, I didn't have to. The usual Stedelijk Museum fee is 15 Euros.  

The key to making the most of your City Card is to plan ahead – figure out which museums you’d like to visit and setting a time limit for every stop.  I gave myself about two to three hours for each museum so I really go to enjoy them. 

The I Amsterdam City Card doesn’t get you inside the Anne Frank House but it does get you 2.50 euro discount to the Rijksmuseum. It also gives you a 25% on a bike rental at MacBike. So I guess with all your savings you could pay the fee to get inside one of Amsterdam’s most popular attractions. 
some work going at outside the Van Gogh Museum. the tarps hiding it are prints of Van Gogh.
the Stedelijk Museum was showing "The Oasis of Matisse" when i was in Amsterdam.
the 1895 building part of the Stedelijk museum.
it houses the museum's one of the permanent collections dedicated to design. 

the permanent collection features significant furniture pieces. 

it also features some interesting products. a smoking gun, perhaps?

rembrandt's portrait of his wife, Saskia, at the Amsterdam Museum

a lesson on french and russian history at the Hermitage Amsterdam

the eternal flame at Hollandsce Schouwburg for the victims of the holocaust.
Hollandsce Schouwburg was a theatre that became a deportation center for the jews in occupied Holland.

the older lady shares of stories about what happened in Hollandsce Schouwburg during World War II. 

Our Lord in the Attic is a church in an attic of an old dutch house along one of the canals. 

inside the Oude Kerk (or old church)

the Oude Kerk is the oldest church and building in Amsterdam

the floor of the Oude Kerk features markers like these, of people buried in the old church. 

rembrandt's wife saskia was buried inside the church. 

saw that small dutch house (?) while on a canal cruise

my requisite turista shot in front of Anne Frank's front door
it was a scorching summer day! people tried to cool off at the fountain in front of the Rijksmuseum.
riding a macbike does scream 'i'm a tourist!' but i didn't mind.
wasn't able to avail the discount because i cycled around amsterdam before i bought the pass.

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