FOOD: Mido Café Hong Kong

2:48 AM

With Hong Kong's love for bright, shiny new things, I believe it's quite a miracle that Mido Cafe is still there, let alone still looks the way it does.

Mido Cafe is a Cha Chan Teng which basically means Hong Kong-Style tea house. It is said to have come about when Hong Kong people began to have a taste for western food after World War II. Unfortunately, real western food remained to be out of reach for the common folk so local diners started to churn out affordable western-influenced dishes.

Aside from the “fusion” food that came about – think Chinese barbecue or Pork Chop with applesauce and steamed rice -, it was the convenience that fueled its staying power. Cha Chan Tengs are often within walking distance from homes, schools, and offices. They are open until the wee hours or even round the clock.

But aside from what I think is very Hong Kong food, it was the interiors that brought me here. The well-preserved 60s interior was just gorgeous. Felt like I stepped inside a Wong Kar-wai film or something.

If there is one thing you must do in Hong Kong – aside from looking at Hong Kong Island from the harbor at Tsim Tsa Tsui, it’s having meal at a Cha Chan Teng. 

I just love the curved wall! It certainly adds to the retro vibe of the place.

Look at that those booths and banquet chairs. Talk about old-school!

Pretty happy that the owners decided to keep this vintage till!

What especially love about the place is it's not pretentious at all.
Look how wonderfully imperfect the place is. 

Those floor tiles are exactly the same as the bathroom floor tiles of our 30 year-old house.
Imagine my surprise when I saw the floor.

We ordered baked pork chop with tomato sauce and roast pork on rice.

Aiselle, the local, was my date for the night.

Bathed by the neon lights of Mido Cafe

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