TRIPS: Coron: Palawan's Crowning Glory

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Palawan is having a moment.
Voted the most beautiful island in the world three times in a row, Palawan has become one of the hottest destinations on the planet.

Palawan island is actually just a part, though the biggest one, of the province of Palawan. Made up of 1,780 islands, the province of Palawan is an archipelago in itself. Its capital, Puerto Princesa, is in Palawan island and so is the celebrated El Nido which sits up north.

Further north of the province is another gem. Coron, a municipality which also consists of several islands. It's seat of government, though, is situated in the eastern part of the Busuanga Island.

About two years ago, I flew to Coron to celebrate my birthday. It was actually a spur-of-the-moment thing, an answer to the ghastly winter I just experienced in South Korea. Cebu Pacific was having a seat sale, I took advantage and booked myself a trip to Paradise.

Coron doesn't easily give up its charms, may it be Coron Town or Coron Island. Each guest needs to put in the effort to get to know her. In Coron Town, walk up and down its undulating streets or climb the 742 steps of Mt. Tapyas to see the magnificent view that awaits. Coron Island and its surrounding islands, on the other hand, demand an island-hopping tour to see its wonders. 

Behind me is Coron's Municipal Hall.

To get to Coron,you first have to fly to Busuanga.

Passed through lush valleys like this on the way to Coron Town.
Trycs are the kings of the road in these parts. 
A cool refreshing shake is popular in these parts, to both locals and guests. 
 This mango one is for me.

A Coron Couvenir: coconut shell coin purse
Cashew, one of  Palawan's foremost produce

Piggy went to the market... and was weighed. 

For local tourists, fresh fish is the pasalubong to buy. 

The local government reclaimed an area from the water and part of it is now Lualhati.
It now offers an immense space and lovely views to both locals and guests. 

One of Lualhati Park's attractions: a zipline
Mother and Child enjoying the view at Lualhati Park

School kids watching some telly at the corner bakery before heading home.

A local petrol station 
Coron's version of chicken to -go
A motorcycle is the personal vehicle of choice in these parts.  

Yes, I climbed all 718 steps to get to the top of Mt. Tapyas!
 I still couldn't believe it, either.
At the top is this cross, which can be seen all around Coron.

Why not enjoy the view while eating something.  I brought cheese bread and Spanish bread. 

Coron Island is the one on the horizon. 

Some pink to end a good day
Broke my fast to this view. Good Morning, Coron!
Some hawking of eye wear at the wharf 

Boarding the bangka for a day of island hopping!
Heading to our first island!
Early on the tour,  a couple of us was just so ready to jump!

Our first island stop!

One of our stops is the Secret Lagoon

The view from our lunch table
Limestone formations, ubiquitous in Coron and other parts of  Palawan

The image that comes to mind when one mentions Coron

Some swimming and snorkeling in Kayangan Lake 

At Kayangan Lake, there are planks to walk on, sit on, or put down one's things to keep them from sinking down to the bottom. 

Sunset by the wharf 

Bangkas tied in for the night

Sunset in Coron is unparalleled. 
La Sirenetta on stilts adds to the magic of magic hour.  

Safari on Palawan's Calauit Island
*My local safari adventure up next 

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