FOOD: Maisen at Greenbelt 5

11:44 AM

You know what I loved the most during my visit to Japan? The food. 
More than I loved their excruciatingly precise metro system, it was their food.
And Tonkatsu Maisen purportedly serves the best Tonkatsu in Japan. 

So when I got the chance to try their food - even if its here in Manila, I was only too happy to do so. 

Level 1, Greenbelt Five,
Ayala Center, Makati City
Tel. (02) 2390390

FOOD: It’s said to be the best Tonkatsu in Japan. Tonkatsu is basically a Japanese take on the breaded pork cutlet. Maisen's was tender, moist, and done in crispy perfection. After sampling what they serve right out of their kitchen in Manila, I guess that just might be true.   

SERVICE: The service was great. The servers anticipated our every need, from filling our half-filled water glasses to offering us more cabbage. We didn’t need to ask because they were there before we even have the chance to! 

ATMOSPHERE: Clean lines, rich textures, and calm hues is how I would describe their Greenbelt branch. Coupled with the warm lights, the place was inviting and comfortable. Perfect as a date place – most of the Japanese we spotted in the restaurant were on a date we believe – it's also great for any excuse you'might to have to get together and eat!

PRICE: The prices don’t differ much from the other Katsu places in the metro. So if you think their prices are reasonable, then you’ll be fine with Maisen’s prices.

Maisen at Greenbelt Five is located on the ground floor, alongside Mesa, Lorenzon's Way, Pink Berry, and Chateau 1771.

After we ordered our food, they served us complimentary cold tea. 

Pots of tonkatsu sauces! 

Seems to me, Tonkatsu Maisen is becoming quite the date place. 

Chicken Katsu of Maisen, comes with unlimited rice and cabbage!

One of Maisen's Curry Sets. Call me old-fashioned, but I do like the curry being served on a gravy boat!

Katsumabashi Set, P390,  Bites-size Tenderloin Katsu Chops served with rice, Onsen Tamago, and Dashi Stock 

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