FOOD: Mercato Centrale at the BGC

9:00 AM

Finally managed to sample some grub at Mercato in BGC.
I am actually late in the game but as they say, better late than never.

I guess part of it is my aversion to disposable eating implements – I hate the thought of all that rubbish – and heavy traffic – which I have to go through just to get to Taguig.

Mercato Central
7th Ave corner 25th StreetBonifacio Global City, Taguig
Business Hours: Fridays and Saturdays; 6pm to 3pm

Mercato feels like what its name suggests, a market. The smell of garlic is strong and the sizzle of frying is unmissable. Food is laid out for everyone’s delectation and their prices – emblazoned on signs of all sizes for anyone to see.  But the best part of Mercato is that it's a place where anyone in a group can satisfy her craving without feeling the need to compromise.  

Is that an astronaut or the Stig on the wall?
After being on our feet for most of the afternoon at the Great British Festival,
my friend Abe and I are just happy to be able to sit down.
The same goes for Shannon, I suppose.
In the middle of the lot is this open-air section with strings of lights and picnic tables.

From this vendor, I got myself some Garlic Chicken and Tinapa Rice. 

Garlic Chicken and Tinapa Rice

From Sandwiches to Street Food, choose what you like from the many vendors at Mercato. 

They're selling Angus Beef Salpicao at Auntie May's. 

Belly Chon,  one of the yummiest offerings at Mercato Centrale

Some Lutong-Bahay Ulam

Pork, Chicken, and Sausage Inihaw

Some like their Sisig quite hot!

Street and deep fried food to-go
Cakes for the one with the sweet tooth.

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