EVENTS: #GREATBritishFestival 2016 at High Street in BGC

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For this anglophile, it was the next best thing.

The #GREATBritishFestival – a celebration of things that put the GREAT in Great Britain, was held last weekend from 26- 28 February at the Bonifacio High Street. British brands, from Retail to Automotive, set up booths to do their duty and became good ambassadors of the land of the afternoon tea. 

Guests are given a piece of paper – a sort of map/ passport – which needed to be stamped at booths in order to serve as an entry to the night’s raffle draw. The prize? A free trip to London onboard Etihad Airways. (I flew Etihad Airways to London last June and I was there in 19 hours!)

This anglophile and her not-anglophiles-but-very-supportive friends stayed well through the night.
And though we didn’t win a free trip, we were quite glad we came. 

You have to pass through Tower Bridge to get to the Great British Festival.

Fancy a cup of Twinings Tea?
Nothing says British more than these two - the red post box and the red telephone booth.
With people using mobile phones, it's a wonder these phone booths still exists.
Some folks enjoying the afternoon and some British grub.
It's all in the stride when walking down Abbey Road.
This London dry cleaners apparently got its name from Reginald Jeeves,
P.G. Wodehouse's fictional Valet to a certain Mr. Bertie Wooster.
M & S is the very first British brand I knew and they're still here.

Dyson, the  Rolls Royce of Vacuum Cleaners.
Queen's Guards + Red Telephone Booth spotted at the MotherCare Booth.

Lee Cooper and their Mini Cooper.
The Great British Festival Arc
Even if it's owned by Indian Company Tata Motors, 
Jaguar is still British to me and it seems to the rest of the Kingdom, too.
Dressed like the Queen's Guards, these Fil-Brit Boys are additional attractions
at Jaguar and Land Rover Booth.
If it's good enough for James Bond, it certainly is good enough for us.
Miniature Tudor Houses sit next to the Shakespeare Tent.
A lecture on everyday things we say that we owe to the Bard.
         Here I am, trying to explain why I choose the Shakespeare Quote: Why then the world's mine oyster.
Wonder what happened to the rest of the castle.
Is the Doctor in these parts?
Perhaps trying to solve the traffic situation maybe?

I guess, they too are wondering if Sherlock is home.

Everyone's trying to push through that wall. Don't think anyone has succeeded, though.

It wouldn't be the UK if there wasn't Stonehenge, right?

We surely do! Little Mr and Miss Books for Sale at this tent.

On the way to Serendra, you'll have to pass through this version of the London Eye.

Clems Castro, of the now defunct 'Orange and Lemons', played for the crowd.
Some British songs as well as original compositions made up his playlist for the night.
I didn't win the free trip but instead, that certain Mr. Tambunting did. 

Saturday was ended with a free screening of "Bend It Like Beckham"
featuring a young Kiera Knightley and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. 
Anglophiles they may not be but here they are at the #GREATBritishFestival with me.
Shoutout to friends who lend their support in any way they can!

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