Feeling Ms. Universe! My answer to the question '"Why should every Pinay travel?"

5:05 PM

You probably missed it by I am in the current issue of Cosmopolitan Philippines, the one with Queen Pia Wurztbach on the cover! I was given a little corner on the contribs page for which I am very grateful. Many thanks to the Cosmo ladies!

Queen Pia Wurtzbach on the cover of Cosmopolitan  Philippines April 2016 

Feeling Ms. Universe din, with the Tiara on my head.
Photo taken by Chum Kabiling at Amalienborg in Copenhagen, Denmark

For my write up, I was asked the question, '"Why should every Pinay travel?"
To which I replied, 

"Traveling takes you out of your comfort zone, far from anything familiar to your everyday life. It makes you rely completely on yourself and shows you that anything is, indeed, possible. Traveling takes you - your ego - off the center of the universe.  It lets you know you're quite insignificant in what really is an immense world." 

Didn't I sound like I, too, was being interviewed for a beauty pageant? I do hope that with that answer, I could've won whatever crown was on the line. But on a more serious note, if I had more time, I would've added more to my answer, 

"But what to take from that is this – what part do you want to play in light with what you’ve seen? What mark do you want to leave on it? How can you make this world – or your home country - a better place?" 

I thank you.

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