FOOD: Tiendesitas Food Village

11:55 AM

It was like seeing an old friend who has undergone a transformation – the one who lost several pounds or the one who ditched the good for nothing boyfriend.

The last several months, Tiendesitas have undergone major transoframtions. Owned by Ortigas & Company, this former al-fresco shopping and entertainment center in the heart of Frontra Verde is now enclosed and have air-conditioning. Which in this record-breaking summer heat could only be described as lifesaving. They’ve also added more parking slots by elevating the structure on stilts which by the way is a tropical architecture feature.

But at its heart – as it has always been - is the Food Village and they have kept it in all its alfresco glory. Now on the second level, the Food Village affords guests with a good view of the trees across the road. There’s also a bit of a breeze now, keeping things rather cool. The monoblock chairs are gone, though, and in their place are colorful metal chairs.

Thankfully, they have kept the Vinta sails hanging from the ceiling, the manong sorbertero offering “dirty ice cream” and of course, the yum Filipino favorites.

I must confess I always had a soft spot for Tiendesitas. It has always strived to celebrate the best in Filipino culture. From the tropical architecture to the Philippine-made goods for sale, it has – always to me – tried to incite pride in the Filipino. And yes, why shouldn’t we be proud of the good things that we do have?

Tiendesitas, #ditonatayo .

Visit their facebook page, , for the latest happenings in the area.

Can you spot the Tiendesitas Mamang Sorbetero?

Love that they kept these colorful "layags" reminiscent of  Zamboanga's vintas.
Also, alfresco means "We need a HUGE ceiling fan!"
This comes alive at night when bands light up the stage.

Tiendesitas opted for a halo-halo of chairs for the dining area.
Girls wanting to cool off with some Fruitas.
Apparently,  Claire de la Fuente also knows how to cook. 
I  spy JT Manukan.  Inasal love.
Aysee Sisig. Sisig. Sisig. 
Seems to me the device that zaps bugs. Am I right?
Kapitolyo Institution Three Sister's Barbecue is in Tiendesitas. 
View from the second floor Food Village; Light Traffic along C-5.

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