TRIPS: 24-hours in Anvaya Cove

7:00 AM

In this dreadful summer heat, the doctor prescribed me to take some #VitaminSea. Being the good patient that I am, I did what I was told. So off to Anvaya Cove, friends and I went.

Anvaya Cove is a 470-hectare seaside residential community by Ayala Land Premier in Morong, Bataan.  Anvaya means family in the ancient Sanskrit language, and is the inspiration for this “mountains meet the sea” development. Situated right next to Subic Bay Freeport, it is both a seaside resort and a mountain retreat - thanks to the incredible topography – that encourages family bonding.

Unfortunately for us, there was a warning of jellyfish presence in the water when we got to the nature club. So instead of risking being stung by one, I’ve decided to just wade in the pool. It wasn’t so bad since the pool was designed to suit all ages and all heights! I ended up spending a lot of time in the shallow ones with the pool jets which turned out to quite relaxing.

Dinner was at the club since we didn’t fancy driving through the forest in the dark to get to nearby Subic. From the mainly Pinoy menu, I’ve decided on a bowl of noodles for supper. And boy, I could’ve drowned in it as it was huge!

For the night, we stayed in one of the garden rooms. It was on the ground level of one of the casitas named Nightjar. It’s next to the greens and so the view outside the window was really nice. And after an entire day baking in the humidity and heat of the Philippine Summer, sleeping in the comfortable luxurious room was a delightful ending.  

Breakfast was, again, at the club taking advantage of the Breakfast Buffet. Nothing fancy really – there’s no bacon even – but I guess to me was still a treat. I’m so used to preparing breakfast for myself that any time I don’t, I try to really enjoy it no matter what.

After lunch, we headed back to Manila which needless to say was a sad moment. You might ask if that dose of VitaminSea – I did walk along the beach and breathed in the sea air – did me any good.  Based on my relative calmness the next couple of days, I have to say it actually did. 

Over one of the pools of Anvaya's Nature Clube are some shades - providing a bit of protection from the sun. 
Welcome to Anvaya Cove!
The tropical architecture of the Nature Club is very evident in the reception area's ceilings. 
The rather charming chandelier at the reception of the Nature Club. 

All shades of Green from the reception area. 
A favorite photo spot is the vine-covered bridge that connects the reception area to the rest of the nature club. 
There are chairs and tables next to the pool where guests could leave their stuff. Spot the tower at the back? It affords anyone who climbs those stairs a good view of the water and the mountains.

Twin beds in our Garden Room.  By the way, the sheets were perfect when we arrived.  :)

A daybed with a trundle bed if you're more than two guests in a room. 
I appreciate it that there are two luggage racks. There are hotels I've stayed in that there's only one.
When you're expecting two people (or more), doesn't it make sense to have two luggage racks?
The shower stall is pretty spacious and the rainshower head is such a treat!
I love that Anvaya tries to be eco-friendly with their bathroom amenities. Dispensers instead of little plastic bottles and the choice of packaging material is corrugated cardboard.
Sampayan in the banyo! Love it! 
Beach umbrellas, lounge chairs, tables and chairs are set up on the beach for guests.
Some pink to end the day. 
Here's the humongous bowl of noodle that was my supper. Everyone was almost done with her supper, I was still slurping mine. 
Tree-lined road on the way to Anvaya.

Here are more snapshots during a previous visit. 

On a previous trip to Anvaya, my friends and I tried out paddle boarding. 

Me trying to get up on the paddle board. Darn, it's tricky! 
It was a kite-flying day!
The eagle is about to land - not!

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