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12:15 AM

The best adobo will always be mom’s.
End of story.

Adobo is comfort food. It’s our pick-me-up dish. One spoonful and all is right with the world. 

That's why any tweak to our own adobo recipes is quite unacceptable. A bit more pepper spells disaster. An extra teaspoon of vinegar and locusts will devour. Failing to add sugar to the pot, darkness descends.

So I guess, that’s why I hear people having mixed feelings about Adobo Connection. It’s either they like or they don’t. I have to admit, I am one of the former.

Adobo Connection
click here for a list of their branches. 

FOOD: The good thing about the adobo dishes on offer at Adobo Connection is that they don’t try to be our mother’s. They offer “classic” adobo dishes – ones made from the most basic recipes that are known to everyone. But they also offer different kinds like adobo flakes and the ones in gata. These dishes are different, perhaps to manage everyone’s expectations.

SERVICE: Service is okay at the branches I’ve been to. The staff is friendly, serves with a smile, and rather quick to plonk down another helping of rice.

ATMOSPHERE: The décor is simple, clean, and fun. But I do think they could improve the seats of their booths and make them more comfortable. 

PRICE: Reasonable, especially with their tweak in the menu. For every regular order of an adobo, one gets to choose whether to have shanghai rolls or pancit. Or one actually get to create her own combination.

For many – and I mean me – the best part of eating at Adobo Connection is it’s kanin-all-you-can! One cannot eat adobo without rice, that's just gospel truth. Anyone who does will eventually find herself standing in front of men in robes. 

Adobo liempo sa gata with two shanghai rolls

Adobo Connection in Robinsons Place Antipolo
Pinoy Adobo is ubiquitous all over the archipelago. 

Bright, Airy, and Fun. What's not to like?

On the wall are images of things that define the Filipino Culture. 

Soy Sauce, Oil, and Vinegar - the main ingredients of every adobo recipe. 

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