FOOD: Corazon

9:00 PM

One of the ways to this woman's heart is definitely through her stomach. 
And did Corazon manage to reach it? Well, let's see. 

I've been wanting to eat at Corazon's for some time now. Their Filipino-Hispano Cuisine was initially the draw but I have to admit that I also wanted to see the pretty interiors up close. I finally had the chance to satisfy my curiosity and I must confess that they didn't disappoint.  


4th Level, East Wing
Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Mandaluyong City 
Tel. (02) 687-1955

FOOD: Chef Florabel's menu celebrates the timeless recipes that define the Filipino Cuisine. Alongside fiesta dishes like the Morales - beef morcon in special sauce, Gaudi - chicken galantina with gravy, and Barcelona - lengua estofado - are Filipino favorites such as Luis - lechon paksiw, Trinidad - grilled tuna belly, and Castellano- everybody's favorite crispy pata. 

Since there were only two of us, my friend and I ordered a few light dishes. We had the Ensaladang Talong, Madrid - ox tripe stew with chorizo and pine nuts, and Benjamin - crispy hito with buro. It was quite the balanced meal, to be honest, which is a bit uncharacteristic of my usual fare. 

SERVICE: We were there during dinner service and it ran like a well-rehearsed show. People knew their roles and didn't miss a beat. The servidors were attentive and the food came out of the kitchen rather quickly. 

ATMOSPHERE: With its vaulted ceiling resembling a gothic cathedral's where pretty chandeliers hang, Corazon has an air of elegance. But the vibrant accents found around the restaurant lend some warmth to the space making guests comfortable, relaxed even, to enjoy a good meal.  

PRICE: I have to be honest and say that Corazon do charge more than the average Filipino restaurant. But the experience of eating there is more than the usual. Apart from the fiesta in the mouth dishes, the charming interiors and ample personal space are atypical. 

Dinner was Ensaladang Talong, Madrid - Ox tripe stew with chorizo and pine nuts, and Benjamin - Crispy hito with buro. 

Corazon, which means heart in Spanish , is located on the fourth level in the east wing of Shangri-la Plaza Mall. 

The quintessential Filipino refreshment - sorbetes

A depiction of Frida Kahlo's 'Yo y Mis Pericos' hangs at the bar. 

Corazon's 'al fresco' dining area gets more whimsical with what looks like candy cane chairs. 

Notice that there's more than enough space between tables.
No bumping into other diners on your way to the loo. 

Don't forget to look up when you're dining in Corazon. 

First to come out of the kitchen is this, the Ensaladang Talong. 

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