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The crowd is gone and with it, the long queue. It may have been a couple of months after it opened but I didn’t mind. After all, #ubosbuhay na sa kalsada. Huwag nang #ubosbuhay sa pila.

Din Tai Fung, the Michelin-starred restaurant opened its Manila branch last December. Located on the ground level of SM Megamall’s Fashion Hall, the xiao long bao mecca opened to a large crowd of who’s who – including the president of the republic. There was a long queue all day, every day, that continued for months.  

The first time I encountered Din Tai Fung, I was in Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui and it’s said to be the branch where it actually earned a nod from the Michelin Men. They got a star in 2010 and have kept it for the next five years. 

Ground Floor, Mega Fashion Hall
SM Megamall, Ortigas
Mandaluyong City
Tel, (02) 9971935, (02) 9971936

FOOD: As expected, the food was good. Aside from their famous xiao long bao, the menu read Chinese Food that was very familiar – sweet and sour pork, black pepper beef, and salt and pepper squid.

SERVICE: The service was superb. Everyone from the restaurant was rather quick in doing their job– giving the impression of competency, and they did every task with a smile. Our server was rather quick to get to our table when we needed something as well as anticipating every time we wanted our water glasses refilled.

ATMOSPHERE: The look of the restaurant was bright, airy, and modern. It was a white space featuring accents done in wood and nice lighting. There were no hints of the traditional Chinese décor, with its overwhelming red and gold touches.

PRICE: The prices don’t differ much from the other Chinese restaurants in the metro. So if you think their prices are reasonable, then you’ll be fine with Din Tai Fung’s prices.

Look, Ma! No queue! Even if it was dinner time, our behinds didn't touch a single red stool.
We just breezed through reception and were led to our table. 

Xiao Long Bao being made right before our very eyes!

Look! The dumplings are being weighed. 

From the entrance is this narrow dining area which leads to a wider dining space. 
We were seated at table 36-2. I do believe table 36 was originally for four and was split into two to accommodate two sets of guests. 
Ginger and soy as our dipping sauce. 

Love these things! They are like cradles for our bags. The server placed our bags in there and topped it with the brown piece of cloth.
It's a rather clever way to store the bags and keep it secure without going overboard. 

The restuarant was bright and airy. 

Hans Wegner Elbow Chairs were chosen for the dining area. 

This guy in white brought our xiao long bao to the table. 
A tray of xiao long bao and some vegetables
Prok Chop Fried Rice. No meal in a Chinese restaurant would be complete without rice!

This way to the cashier!

Perhaps a family enjoying the scrumptious food. 

We had to pay for our meal at the counter at the back of the restaurant, across from Uniqlo.

Kumusta, xiao long bao?

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