18 more roads added to coding scheme no-window zones and it’s a good thing

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Last October 17, Monday, the Metro Manila Council has added 18 more routes to the list of roads without a color-coding window. This means that on your “coding day” – the one day you can’t drive your car during rush hours - you now couldn’t drive during “off-peak hours” on the following roads:

Recto Avenue
President Quirino Avenue
Araneta Avenue
CP Garcia
Taft Avenue
Shaw Boulevard
Ortigas Avenue
Magsaysay Boulevard
Aurora Boulevard
Quezon Avenue
Commonwealth Avenue
A. Bonifacio Avenue
Rizal Avenue
Del Pan
Marcos Highway
MacArthur Highway
C-6 Road

Usual Morning Rush Hour scene along C-5 Road in Pasig City.

That’s basically every single main thoroughfare that connects the entire megapolis. So if you’re one who needs to drive across the metro to get to work, I have a feeling that this new development might force you to leave your car at home and take a jeep, bus, or the train instead.

But there’s more! The Council of Metro Manila Mayors have also decided to add one more hour to the color coding scheme.  This sums up the number of hours you can’t drive along the streets of MegaManila to 13 hours – 7am to 8pm. And these will be in effect until January 31, 2017.

If you’re from a single-car household like I am – my brother and I share driving rights to the car we fondly call scarface, it must be a huge inconvenience to not be able to use the car once a week. I definitely hated these developments when they first announced it on the news but when I took the time to really think about it, they just might be a good thing.  Apart from it actually being effective – I’ve been driving around the metro this past several days and there really is an improvement! – here are three reasons why I think so.  

1.       Less cars on the road, better for the environment. That is if people wouldn’t try to buy another car for “coding day.” If people stick with the car/s they have now, there’ll be less demand for petrol and less smoke released into the air. And then we could all actually stand by and watch the sky begin to clear.

2.       People will not at the mercy of 7pm. Instead of being stuck at the carpark until 7pm, you can actually start heading home the minute your workday is done.

3.       Hopefully, people will demand better public transportation.  Those who usually be cocooned in their climate controlled cabins will hopefully have an idea know how it is to fight for seat on a bus or a jeepney during rush hour.

I know commuting in manila is far from ideal. But you know what? I’d rather be moving on a public bus – preferably on a P2P bus - rather have my hands on the wheel but going absolutely nowhere. 

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