FOOD: The Aristocrat's P200 Almusal-All-You-Can

9:00 AM

The Aristocrat got me back at Almusal All-You-Can. The 80 year-old Filipino BBQ institution definitely got my attention when the ad for their latest buffet treat crept in to my feed. So last Friday, my brother and I did a bit of a detour after our Friday Morning Habit which is to go to Quiapo Church on Friday Eve.

We headed towards The Aristocrat along Roxas Blvd. and tried out their P200 Almusal All-You-Can. We arrived a couple of minutes shy of 1 am but boy, were we late. The front function room where they set up the buffet was already packed with diners and there was a long queue outside the door. In fact, when we finally managed to get a number, we were 8th on the list.

WHAT: Almusal All-You-Can
WHERE: The Aristocrat, Roxas Blvd. Branch
WHEN: 21 October - 31 December 2016
TIME: 1:00 am to 6:00 am

FOOD: The spread is pinoy and I wouldn't want it any other way. Dishes on the poster are the very dishes they've laid out. Definitely no misrepresentation there. Just too bad their famous bbq isn't on offer. I mean, why couldn't bbq - pork or chicken - be eaten in the morning? I certainly wouldn't mind breaking my fast with some,

The breakfast spread was made up of longganisa, tocino, adobo, dinuguan, sotanghon, bangus, sinigang na baboy, nilaga, hototai soup, plain rice, garlic, rice, their signature java rice, eggs, ensaymada, and what could've been banana bread or a mocha roll. I am not certain as it was gone when I returned for more of their lovely ensaymada.

Water and Coffee dispensers were set up in the center of the spread where diners can help themselves.

CLEANLINESS: With the coming and going of guests and everyone going about with food in hand, it was no small job keeping things neat and tidy but the staff managed to do it! Dirty dishes are promptly collected from tables and the latest diners do get seated to properly cleared tables. As we were there on the first day of the buffet, the good turnout must've been a surprise but the staff didn't miss a beat. Bravo!

AMBIANCE:  A cafeteria - noisy and full of people - comes to mind. But if I don't think anyone would have any problem with that when she remembers how much it costs.

PRICE: The buffet is priced at P200 which I think is really reasonable for all that Aristocrat food!

Here's the mechanics I grabbed from the Aristocrat's facebook page: 

1. Valid for DINE IN transactions only (cash/credit card)
2. Strictly NO SHARING, NO LEFT-OVER, NO TAKE OUT, double charge for left-over food (based on ala-carte menu price)
3. Not valid with any other promotions and discount privileges.
4. Valid only at Roxas Boulevard Branch from 1:00am to 6:00am.
5. No reservations. No serving of beers

Breakfast Buffet for just P200! It's on until 31st of December!
Image grabbed from the Aristocrat's facebook page

We waited in this room for about 45 mins before our names were called out. 

A rather good turnout on the first morning of the breakfast buffet if you ask me.

Hot Hototai Soup in the morning!

Just imagine, unlimited Java Rice and Garlic Rice? Can anything be better?

The staff kept on replenishing the dishes which was good because people kept on coming back for more. 

There was an egg station where this guy would cook your egg any way you like. 

The Adobo was a bit salty for my taste but as anyone can tell by looking at the state of that chafing dish, it was a crowd favorite! 

A fitting end to what was a very yum Filipino breakfast was pieces - lots of pieces - of Artistocrat's ensaymada.
I loved it so much I think I had five platitos of ensaymada!

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