MANILA: Recovered Estero de San Miguel

12:09 PM

Estero de San Miguel, one of the esteros that defines the limits of the Malacanang Palace Area, was recovered by the government to give a pathway for schoolkids and residents nearby. Unlike its cousin Estero de Paco, this one in San Miguel had no settlers that warranted the long tedious process of relocation.

This government-funded project took place back in 2011-2012. Since a part of the estero bank has been claimed by Centro Escolar University, the solution was to set up connected pontoons to create a floating walkway. Now, residents nearby use the walkway to quickly get from Point A to Point B. The students walk – or even run – on it and sometimes, have been seen playing games there.

I was wary of stepping on a pontoon. Being the boob that I am , what if I lost my balance and plunge into the estero? But I was very pleased to find out by walking on it that it was sturdy and rather quite impressive.  No wonder the kids – and perhaps the residents nearby – love their floating walkway. 

The floating walkway of Estero de San Miguel from the walkway. It's a rather long stretch of plastic, don't you think?

Pathways and greens serve as buffer between the houses and the estero. 
We crossed this walkway to get to the floating one below.

Yep! I 'm one of the pontoons! Here I am documenting my walk at the start of the floating walkway.

Estero de San Miguel is seemingly photogenic, don't you think? 

After that stretch of the floating walkway is this recovered estero bank.

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