FOOD: The Chocolate Kiss Café at U.P. Town Center

9:18 AM

I’ve never made it to Chocolate Kiss when I was a Katipunan native. Never managed to take the jeepney to the State University down the road and feast at one of the most popular spots in the entire campus. I finally managed though - more than ten years after university - to eat at The Chocolate Kiss Café  albeit at UP Town Center. So, was I happy with the experience? Read on to know.

The Chocolate Kiss Café
2/L Urban Turf
UP Town Center
Katipunan Ave., Q.C.
Tel. (02) 946-3276

FOOD:  Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect because every single time I ask people what Chocolate Kiss food is, they can’t give me a straight answer. All they got to say is that it’s the nicest place to dine in U.P. When I finally got my hands on a menu, I got to understand where everyone was coming from. Food at Chocolate Kiss seems to me comfort food Filipinos love. Chicken and Pork Adobo is on the menu as well as Sate Ayam and Nasi Goreng, Kalbi Chim and Hickory Smoked Spareribs. 

ATMOSPHERE: With its different shades of brown and slivers of white on the walls and ceiling, the interiors does remind me of a chocolate kiss!  

SERVICE:  My friends and I went there during their dinner service and everything went well. Food was served rather promptly that I didn’t go hangry. Servers – well-groomed I might add - were quick to respond to our every request. 

Since it was my first time to try the food, I decided to order one of their bestsellers - the Vigan Longganisa. Truth be told, I would’ve wanted it more garlicky – then again, that’s just me. I might be an exception. But over-all, I was pretty satisfied with my meal. 

PRICE: If prices are the same here and at the UP Campus branch, it safe to say that I couldn’t have afforded to eat there when I was a student. I had an allowance of P500 a week! After paying for all the photocopied materials I had to read, there really wouldn't really much left of my money. Okay, so maybe I was a student about XX years ago but still!  So I guess it’s a good move for them to open a branch at the mall so that their customers wouldn’t just be comprised of students. 

If you're part of the working class, The Chocolate Kiss Cafe is a good value-for-money spot. It's a good place for a family meal or between friends. It's a nice quiet spot where one can work for the afternoon, and if you're a student with enough money to spare, it's a good place to eat as well as go on a date!

The interiors - contemporary yet warm.
Why is the sign like an inverted Hershey's Chocolate Kiss?
When you're there, don't forget to look up!

The stripes remind me of the Hershey's Chocolate Kiss' ribbon!

For starters, we had the Nachos with Jalapeno. A generous serving of nachos was served with beef-tomato sauce, salsa, nacho cheese, and Jalapeño peppers. Thanks, Carlo, for treating us to this!
Sate Ayam and Nasi Goreng. Quite a lot of sticks though, don't you think?
This is their Vigan Longganisa and it was quite satisfying. 
This is their take on Kalbi Chim - Beef short ribs and shiitake mushrooms stewed Korean style.

Here are some of the cakes they serve:
Devil's Food Cake, P100
Dayap Chiffon Cake,  P120
Kiss Suite, P120

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