FOOD: Tambayan ni Pedro

1:27 PM

Tambayan ni Pedro surely knows what makes a Pinoy tick – food, loads of rice, and a lot of visual stimuli.

Tambayan ni Pedro
G/L Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall
Marcos Highway cor Felix Ave

FOOD: The menu reads pinoy bbq and rice topping favorites so no one can be blamed for being weak for giving in. Chicken Inasal headlines as well as their liempo. To make such a meal more irresistible, they also offer unlimited servings of rice at an additional cost. Now, who could possibly say no to that?!
ATMOSPHERE: It is refreshing to see a place that actually celebrates all the things most Filipinos want to shed nowadays like street games, the grit in our streets, and well, I would probably call as Pinoy warmth. The interiors is also hodgepodge of things we see around– GI Sheets, Yellow Intersection Boxes, and suggestions for cycling lanes – and they made it work thanks to the industrial touches. The dining area with the swings is a nice touch, making it a rather popular spot.

SERVICE: Even if it was dinner service, the staff was still very much eager to be of service. When a server spotted that our table lacked cubiertos, she gladly volunteered to get them for us together with the napkins.

PRICE:  Food is affordable and it seemed like we got more than we paid for! The servings are satisfying and would leave you feeling that you had one solid meal. The prices are very similar to the popular rice-all-you-can joint so it’s rather okay to be try it out! You never know, you might just have found your new “lamon” spot. I tell you this now, chicken inasal at Tambayan ni Pedro is chicken inasal and not simply chicken bbq. 

"Pedro" and "Coi" welcomes everyone to their tambayan!

Look for this sign for some pinoy favorites and unlimited servings of rice! 

Tambayang Pinoy it definitely is! Here, they are explaining what exactly they're offering. 

Here's a clever idea - pico on the floor to help people stay in line.

Tambayan ni Pedro's Chicken Inasal, actual chicken inasal. 

Here's their Liempo meal.
Get to choose where you sit! A lot of people happen to pick the swings!
Kids of all ages are drawn to the swings!
Footsteps lead you to the Comfort Room.
They do have an actual ladies and gents room. The graffiti on the wall is actually 

On the wall are scenes usually seen around the Philippines.
And yes, the country needs Peace and so does the world. 

Here's a shot of hipster-ism. 

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