ARTS & CULTURE: Everything’s a Blur by Norlie Meimban

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If you haven’t noticed it yet, we’re well into the second half of January 2019. Yeah, the first weeks of the year went by so quickly. Some might even say that the days have been passing by like a blur.

Which coincidentally sounds pretty much like the very first exhibit I went to this 2019. 

Norlie Meimban pays homage to the late great Audrey Hepburn.
Image grabbed from Space Encounters Gallery Facebook Page 

Space Encounters Gallery starts the year with the ‘Everything’s a Blur’ a solo exhibition by Norlie Meimban. The gallery describes his style as 

Meimban, who has had an extensive experience in the animation industry prior to pursuing art full time, treats his creations as more than just flat lines and strokes on a canvas. He marries line animation drawing with his paintings, and the result is a dynamic piece of art that the audience can visually interact with. This deft mastery of style is showcased in Everything’s A Blur. There is progression in the gesture; the subject seemingly in continuous motion until everything is one hypnotic blur." 

The artist, Norlie Meimban, and I stand next to my favorite piece. 

More works by the artist and more colors for your wall.

Love this!
Takes us back to the time when coffee beans were weighed and sold right out of sacks. 

His name might not ring a bell - for now - but you're probably familiar with his works as an animator. Back in the day, he was part of the team who drew 'The Mask', 'Captain Planet', and Hanna-Barbera cartoons to name a few. He also worked on the Dreamworks production 'The Prince of Egypt.' Yep. Outsourcing to the Philippines has long been going on even before the BPO explosion. 

Mr Norlie chatting with some of the guests. 

To the eagle-eyed reader, you might have noticed that the gallery has taken on the character of a cafe with its white walls, tables and chairs, and a proper coffee machine at the counter. There are even old weighing scales and an old cash register to complete the coffee shop look. But the detail I am most happy about is the supposed window behind the counter that shows a street scene in Amsterdam. How fun and clever is that? 

check out the view outside the cafe window.

There's an old cash register at this cafe!

With the lovely people of Space Encounters Gallery.
Would you like some coffee, ma'am?
Image grabbed from Wilmer Lopez's Facebook Page 

If you're one of those people who added 'see more art' on your new year's resolution list, seeing this show would help you keep that promise to yourself, at the very least. It would be up until the first half of February so you have plenty of time to visit. And on that note, let me greet you a happy new year! 

This solo exhibit is co-presented by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

This solo exhibition of Norlie Meimban, Everything's a Blur, is co-presented by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Space Encounters Gallery is located at 7D, 7th floor Padilla Building, F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig. Email or call 0917-7956739 for inquiries. #spaceencountersgallery#norliemeimban #everythingsablur #artph

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