Slipping, sliding, and a whole lot of laughing on the Inflatable Island Subic

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Last week, this tita - together with a couple of friends one of which is a very eager birthday boy - drove the 162kms between Quezon City and Zambales to get to the ridiculously cute Inflatable Island Subic.  

We drove to Subic Freeport Zone via NLEX and SCTEX and exited Kalaklan Gate to get on the Olongapo – Bugallon Road. We followed the curves of the road until we reached Samba Bluewater Resort and then entered it.   

If you want to know what to do after parking your car, here's a walk through:
1. Get your pass from the kiosk next to the resort entrance. Available passes range from an hour, two hour pass, half day to whole day pass. All passes give you whole access to the beach. We got the half-day pass because we were coming all the way from the capital and couldn't be there before lunch. The pass set us back a cool P745. You could book a slot here -

2. Head to the Orientation Area. Walk past the beach and the pink Bali lounge to where you can see walls of orange lockers. You’ll also see a large flat screen TV and benches. Take a seat and wait for the orientation to begin. After listening intently and understanding the resort rules, sign a waiver.3. Rent a locker from the counter next to the souvenir booth. The locker comes with a padlock and a key so you don’t have to bring your own.4. Change into your swimwear in the shower area.5. Secure your belongings inside your locker. You can hand over your key to the locker booth attendant for safekeeping. Just remember which locker was assigned to you.6. Walk to the life vest booth. Hand over your waiver and put on the life vest that will be lent to you.7. Jump into the water!

Everyone needs to go through orientation before jumping into the water. Safety first!

Here's a map of the largest floating playground in Asia. 

So how was it for us? Especially to the excited birthday boy? It was loads of fun!
But don’t be fooled by its cuteness – rainbows and unicorns all around – because if you’re anywhere north of thirty, it’s not exactly easy. Unless you’re one who religiously goes to the gym, it’s going to demand quite the effort. Going around this inflatable playground is a total body workout. It requires a lot of climbing, jumping, gripping, and a whole lot of balancing. And of course, it demands swimming as well when you fall into the water.

When you're tired of the water - believe me, you will be at one point, you could rest on one of the bean bags of the pink Bali lounge on the beach. 

I chose to put on a rash guard and athletic leggings. It proved to be a wise choice with all the slipping and tumbling I did!
Image by Jenie Gabriel

My favourite attraction, of course, is the one where I absolutely did nothing but lie down. It’s called the Human Launcher where all I had to do was lie down on one end of a gigantic pillow and wait for two grown men to jump onto the other end. They sent me flying up for what was like two to three stories high.

When I was in the air, I didn’t know which way was up, to be honest! Landing was a bit tricky because I absolutely had no control whatsoever. Fortunately, I entered the water feet first but my friends weren’t as lucky and landed on their faces. Ouch!

The day after, my arms hurt so much I could barely lift them up while friends shared photos of their bruises on our chat group. But I would tell you this now, the bruises were a cheap price to pay for all the fun and laughter the inflatable island brought us. We all needed a break from the stress of the city and the inflatable island delivered it in making us fly amidst rainbow colors.

This floating playground features slides, towers, bridges, swings, and human launchers. We really got to be a kid again!
Image by Jenie Gabriel

I also love the fact that there are mountains on the horizon. Makes me feel somewhat safe, giving me the impression that I wouldn't float way to the middle of the ocean. 
Image by Jenie Gabriel 

How dramatic is that  early evening sky? 

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